In 2012, the Barcelona International Schools Association (BISA) was formed so that our international education community could benefit from sharing information, collaborating on projects, and engaging in on-going conversations with each other and leaders in the Barcelona community.  BISA school leaders meet every other month to plan projects, visit and learn from each other, and reflect on our work.


In our short history, we have already created an annual international university fair, held student sport tournaments and talent shows, as well as collaborated with the local government and institutions in attracting international families to the great city of Barcelona.


BISA will participate in the International Community Day on October 21st. This event  is the meeting point for foreign residents in Barcelona who are interested in knowing the huge variety of possibilities, at both a professional and personal level, that the city can offer them. - See more here.


This web page gives you an overview of our mission and provides you with links to our BISA Member Schools.  If you would like more information about BISA or how to become a member, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@bisa.info




Jean-Bastien Urfels


The Barcelona International Schools Association (BISA) is a professional organization that strives to improve the quality of education in its member schools through several venues. It promotes the sharing of resources, professional development, and communication and interchange; the organization also attempts to create international understanding in Barcelona and beyond. BISA serves as a liaison between its member schools, local governments, and pertinent local and international education organizations.


All the BISA members have international academic programs from outside of Spain, but they may also incorporate Catalan and/or Spanish academic programs and requirements; regardless, each international school is influenced by its geographical location in Barcelona and the local culture and curriculum.


The BISA focus is to help its members evaluate and meet the varying educational needs which result from providing an international education in Barcelona. BISA Members meet periodically to provide opportunities to connect and share.

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